We live our lives in moments. Those rare experiences we stop to notice, and carry with us, in the hopes of stringing them together, trying to tell a story. But even in the moment, you can feel it start to fade. So you try to capture it,  and convert it into something that will last longer than just a flash. And over time a photo feels more real than it’s subject.  It lets you build a version of the world that you can take with you. A world flattened, and simple . A world that doesn’t change. That fits in the frame. A little brighter and more colorful. With everything under control. You can travel the globe looking for memories,  and still find yourself standing behind a camera waiting for the world to hold still. With every click of the shutter, you’re trying to press Pause on your life. If only so you can feel a little more comfortable moving on living in a world stuck on Play. A part of you knows you can’t take it with you but that doesn’t stop you from trying.

“What if I could stay just a little longer?”
“What if we didn’t have to go?”

We try to capture moments  as if we’re afraid they’ll escape, but they’ll get away eventually.

Take one last look. One more shot. So years from now you can flip back through, and try to relive it all over again. But maybe even then, you’ll be thinking to yourself,
“Ah well. I guess you had to be there.”

>John Koenig

From a very young age , I was fascinated by the world of art. As a child I used to always try and depict a memory of an instance or a place or people that caught my interest in water colors . For me ,each of my paintings were a story by itself . As years passed I kept my analytical mind active with a Btech degree and worked for almost eight years as a software engineer.  The passion for capturing moments in all it’s beauty and feel grew in me as I got older and slowly I moved into the world of photography. I would say photography has been one of the best mediums for my expression of thoughts.
I started doing Wedding  photography since 2010 ,and I take up only a handful of wedding assignments per year.I believe this to be a teamwork between you and me were in I try to capture the most precious moments of your life ,as candidly as possible that years later when you look back at them, you are able to relive every single moment in it!
I just love to capture the true stories , the raw emotions , the warmth of relationships and of course the mesmerizing tale of the love between two people. My approach applies fine art photography to the colorful , chaotic , unpredictable , dynamic series of events – that is –  A Wedding !
I like to keep my work as simple and unpretentious as possible as I aim to focus on natural moments and realistic shots. And am sure together we can create magical memories to be cherished for years to come.

I currently live and work in Bangalore, Karnataka as a freelance photographer and a visual artist.

Main Website > www.vimalchandran.com



Escape Velocity – Durbar Hall, Cochin, Kerala[2014]

I have seen the Labyrinth and it looks like a straight line – Bangalore, Karnataka[2013]


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