1. I’m looking for a wedding photographer,what will I receive from you?

  • 8 hours of photography [One day event]
  • The Best images professionally edited (Low resolution) of the whole event.(shared initially)
  • 350 to 600 High Resolution images- professionally edited and ready to print (No: of images depends on number of rituals,days of wedding etc)
  • An eco-friendly leather bound book with selected images of your wedding day.
2. When can you deliver pictures after the wedding?

Time frames can range anywhere from three weeks to two months, depending on the time of the year and my schedule.The average delivery time is usually two to four weeks but can sometime take more time which shall be communicated before the shoot.

3. We are looking for a wedding album, is that included in the package?

Yes I can, you will get a specially designed  leather bound wedding album with selected images .

4. How much do you charge?

Every wedding is different in terms of location, rituals, number of days the event spans over etc. So the prices can only be determined after knowing the specifics of your wedding. For a typical Indian wedding I usually charge somewhere between 95K to 1.7 lakhs. It might vary up or down depending on number of hours of shoot,events and location. So drop me a mail to vimal.c@gmail.com ,we shall discuss and get a quote customized based on your requirements.

5. What about the travel and accommodation?

If the wedding location is not in Bangalore then the travel and accommodation shall be provided by the client.

6. What are your payment terms?

A booking fee/retainer  is due to reserve your date. Rest of the amount is due two weeks before the wedding. If the booking is made just two weeks before the wedding the entire contract amount is due at the time of signing the wedding photography contract.

7. I’m looking for a videographer, can you do that?

For weddings with videography requirements, I collaborate with different people who are experts in wedding videography. I can give you the contact of those people and you can talk to them directly.

8. I have seen your illustrations,could you design our wedding card?

I would love to do that but i am afraid this will be completely dependent on my schedule for that time. If I can find sometime surely we can proceed with wedding illustrations also.

9. What are the processes involved in designing a wedding card?

I usually take it up as a commissioned illustration work, Not as a wedding card design. I will do an illustration creating characters after you explain your story. It will NOT be a caricature ,it will be an original illustration work done in my style.

If you want to design the entire card ( illustration + textual content) you need to share the wordings as well along with your story.  I shall share the ready to print soft copy of the final design.

The illustration I design for you is done exclusively for you. You can use the illustration wherever you want for personal purpose for eg. if you want to make a t-shirt out of it, you can. The only thing you cannot do is that, you are not allowed to make profit out of the illustration. In short you have the  copyright to use it personally but not for any commercial purposes.

I will not take up the printing part but I can give contacts of few printers (if you need) who can do it perfectly for you, otherwise you can do it from other printers near to your place.

10. How much do you charge for a wedding card illustration?

It depends on the illustration. So I suggest you to discuss with me the idea that you have and we shall decide on the quote after that. On an average I charge around INR 30,000 to INR 40,000 for a commissioned illustration.

11. We are looking for a portrait session,how can we proceed?

Usually portrait session will take 2-3 hours. Let’s discuss about the location /time of the shoot and finalize a date. You can decide upon the costumes and use as many as you want.If the location is outside Bangalore, then the travel and accommodation shall be provided by the client. The pricing for the photoshoot is approximately 35000 INR. A DVD with all of the images professionally edited and ready to print will be shared.

12. Where can we find your other works and details about exhibitions and workshops?

You can see all the details in my main website www.vimalchandran.com